Enhance the Efficiency of Your RPS Strategy

Learn how our comprehensive audits and Fractional Executive program can grow your sustainability business
  • Detailed Audits
  • REC Procurement
  • Compliance Reporting
  • Legislative Tracking
  • Pricing & Valuation Curves
  • Position Management
  • Account Liquidation Services

RPS Management

Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) have been implemented by many local and state governments to incentivize customers to take advantage of clean energy sources. Unfortunately, the everchanging energy options, regulatory obligations, market pricing, compliance standards, and other hurdles make RPS Management an overwhelming task.

From comprehensive, unbiased audits to a Fractional Executive who brings proven expertise to your team, Roots offers the right solution that fits your unique RPS Management strategy and budget.

Unbiased RPS Audits

Our project-based RPS audits give you the complete, unbiased story of your RPS accounts – exposing potential problems, as well as identifying opportunities for new processes and standards that can increase revenues.

  • Create a Net Open Position (NOP) report to compare vs. suppliers
  • Investigate deficiencies in REC position
  • Evaluate internal pricing curves to ensure they meet the states required percentage
  • Review all retail and wholesale contracts
  • Highly skilled RPS strategist
  • Executive level experience
  • Independent, outside perspective
  • Complete management and reporting
  • Project-based, Time-limited or Retainer
  • Work remotely or in office

Fractional Executive

Working remotely, in-office, or a hybrid of both (depending on your company’s needs), our RPS team serves as a seamless extension of your energy management desk.

Our Fractional Executive is the perfect solution for retailers that may not have the time, team or budget to manage their RPS strategy. Most importantly, our Fractional Executive services are scalable to meet your exact needs, budget and office locations.