Achieve Carbon Reduction and Sustainability Targets

Discover how to reach your energy sustainability goals with a focused renewable program

Roots is equipped to enable businesses to lower their carbon footprint and minimize their Scope 2 emissions to meet internal climate goals by entering into power purchase agreements, purchasing physical renewable energy directly from renewable assets, or purchasing green energy attributes (RECs).

If you’re a commercial or industrial company seeking sustainable Behind-the-Meter solutions, a utility in need of a virtual PPA for regulatory compliance, or a small business looking to “green up” your electricity contract, we’ll uncover the best-fix solution for you.

We provide your company with impartial, agnostic advice on:

  • Physical Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)
  • Financial Contract for Differences Agreement (VPPAs)
  • Wholesale and Retail Renewable Products
  • Lighting Retrofit Solutions
  • Renewable Energy Credit Procurement (RECs)
  • Carbon Offset Procurement
  • Additional Enabling Offtake Agreements
  • REC Trading
  • Market Evaluation
  • Wholesale market transparency for green alternatives
  • Buy/sell agreements for Behind-the-Meter or Virtual PPA
  • Independent financial and performance modeling due diligence

Our Renewable Energy Transaction reports feature:

  • Advise on existing retail agreement to determine best structure to meet objectives
  • Provide line-of-site strategy to implement renewable energy solutions based on energy footprint and internal sustainability goals
  • Evaluate alternatives to onsite, offsite, community solar
  • Evaluate and rank projects and alternatives to achieve desired goals
  • Coordinate decision-making across internal client teams
  • Leverage communication opportunities to handcraft powerful sustainability press releases